Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to rent equipment and do I need a boating license?

18-years of age. If you were born after Jan 1, 1988 you must possess a valid boater's license and photo id. We will go over all safety features with you, full instruction on waterways and rules, AND provide a map to help guide you through. .


What if I have never driven a boat?

No problem. It’s simple; like driving a car. About 60% of our rentals have never driven a boat before. We go through full instructions with you, and administer a Safety Test (if applicable).


How many people can fit on a pontoon boat?

Pontoon boats have a weight limit of 2000 pounds and can typically hold up to 12 people*, including gear (ice chests, beach bags, etc.).


Where am I allowed to go?

Pontoon Boats include a full tank of gas. You are allowed to explore the waters of Saint Andrews Bay and anchor on or close to the bay side of Shell Island. Enjoy and explore the area during your day. Center Consoles / Fishing Boats come with a full tank of gas. You only pay for what you use at the "daily" rate. Explore the waters of Saint Andrews Bay and anchor on or close to the bay side of Shell Island as well as venture out into the Gulf and catch the big one. (Weather Permitting) Shell Island is a leisurely 25 minutes from our location. Be sure to keep you eyes open for dolphins at play along the way.


Are we allowed to bring coolers and food? What about alcohol?

Yes, you can bring whatever you like. Alcohol is allowed. Same rules apply on the water as the road. You will need a designated driver. Be Responsible For safety reasons, grills are not allowed on the boats


Where are you located? Do you have parking?

Located at East end of Hathaway Bridge (Highway 98), turn South at Shell Island Cruise. Parking conveniently onsite with easy access for loading and uploading.. We want you to relax and enjoy your day. Leave only Footprints Find us on Google Maps


Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are STRONGLY encouraged. Due to our convenient location our boats are booked very quickly. Call (850) 872-1714


What features does your boat have?

The pontoon boats are equipped anchors, ladders, and life jackets. We do have special life jackets for infants and children at no extra charge. The boats are really nice,it’s like having a couch on the water.


Can I fish from the boat?

Yes, Anyone over 15 years of age, who plans to fish, must have a Florida Fishing License. Licenses can be purchased online at or at any of our local tackle shops and marina. Half Hitch Howell Tackle


Do you allow dogs?

Yes, Pet owners must be responsible for clean up and whereabouts of dogs, at all times Please note Shell Island has a designated Dog Friendly area.


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